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Beautiful visualization in Europe

Our visualization studio is active throughout Europe. Any method of payment and cooperation. Many completed projects in London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Bucharest, Minsk, Vienna, Hamburg, Warsaw, Munich, Sofia, Brussels, Riga, Wrocław, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Dublin, Lyon and etc ...

Send your inquiries to objectdreams@gmail.com .

Work process

Creating a three-dimensional visualization of the architecture and interior of buildings is a complex and time-consuming process that requires certain knowledge and skills. During the design, the designer takes into account all the features of the future building: the size of the windows, the height of the ceiling, the appearance of the facade, the infrastructure and the surrounding space in general. Considering all these factors, it is impossible to accurately determine the price of visualization: it is calculated purely individually, depending on the complexity of the implementation of the technical task. On this page, our portfolio is presented, where you can see the detail and complexity of a particular work. We deliberately do not lay out only the best work, thereby showing that we can work on any budget. The beauty of visualization directly depends on the time spent on it and, as a result, on the price. If you need express visualization of medium quality and for a low budget, we will be happy to perform this type of work. Moreover, You can always return to its refinement to high detail in our studio, we keep projects for up to five years! Also, under certain conditions, we prepare and issue the source files of the 3D model and scene to each client. We will be glad to each client!

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